Today we issued a slightly less than enthusiastic assessment of Conan O'Brien's new show. It wasn't great? Most commenters disagreed, as commenters are wont to do. But one commenter agreed and took the point further.

From Spirit Finger:

But isn't all this Late Night Talk Show biz...all living in the past? Sorry, but I can't watch any of these things anymore. The monologues, the plugging and/or shilling guests, the mostly cringe-y live music performances. The skits, the supposed funny bits, tricks, and celebrity "Oh, they're so irreverent, prophetic, genuine, silly, or something, yes something that's just like me!" moments...pfffttt. I was bored by all this after Arsenio Hall retired. Seriously. I haven't watched one of these shows from start to finish since the 90's. It's all soooo worn.

Yes, I think Conan got a raw deal, and I think Leno is an arrogant bubbling ass gas, who disrupted an entire season of programming, but I say that in the context of what these dudes do every night. The reason I watch Jon Stewart with more frequency is because at least he knows all this late night stuff is lame so he revels in the absurdity when he can, he tries to impart some sort of opinion (that isn't so absolutely grandma ears friendly all the time), and stays in a political lane which is at least less fawning, mostly, and has found a way to balance creativity with some sort of traditional format.

All the rest of these cheese-eating grin shows are just infomercials for movies, music releases, and the off chance some celebrity has a nervous breakdown on air.

I wish Conan luck, but...

I'm. over. it. Perhaps, Brian, you really feel like I do.

Hm. I liked the old lady.