Mean old granny Patty Bigbee last week was arrested for allegedly trying to sell her grandson for $30K, after initially asking for $70K. Why would someone ever sell their grandson? So mom can get a new car, that's why.

Patty Bigbee (left) is the 45-year-old grandmother, who, along with her boyfriend Lawrence Works was arrested in the set up last week. Turns out she was only trying to help her daughter, Stephanie Bigbee Fleming who apparently really wanted a new car. Nice, huh? And while Granny Bigbee got out-negotiated in the original deal ($75K to $30K price drop!), she was only going to give her daughter $9K of the money from the sale. With cash like that, Stephanie must have had her eyes on a really nice ride.

Granny Bigbee in October tried to sell her grandson to another relative because she "was not mother material" and no longer wanted to care for the baby. That relative helped police set up the sting. What the fuck.

[Images via AP]