While Mitch Hurwitz claims that he's doing everything in his power to keep Fox happy, Running Wilde was just as bonkers as Arrested Development once was in last night's episode. This time, there's medieval costumes, horses, jousting, and a wedding!

It all begins with Steve Wilde's attempt to cause Emmy to dream about him at night. She get pissed about it, and the conversation turns to Steve's crush on Emmy—and how she's engaged to Andy (David Cross.)


Because the two are incredibly stubborn, they go along with planning an elaborate, three-day medieval wedding. The clip below starts off with Steve and Emmy's "wedding rehearsal," which gets the two into the mood of love until Andy arrives. Later, the two challenge each other to a joust. Here's how it all went down:

Finally, I'd like to say that Peter Serafinowitz' songs that narrated throughout the episode were hilarious. Here's his final song, which leads us into the local 10pm news.