A Huxtable heads to Community, Rubicon gets canceled, The Simpsons are renewed for a 23rd season, and the cover of Glee's Christmas Album is so laughably fake and awkward-looking that we can't decide if it's a joke or not.

In TV News...

  • Rumor has it that Fox is considering canceling Running Wilde to make way for a mid-season replacement starring Christian Slater. [Deadline]
  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner (aka The Cosby Show's Theo Huxtable) will play Shirley's ex-husband on Community. [Hollywood Insider]
  • The Simpsons has been renewed for a 23rd season, making it possible for the show to pass 500 episodes. [Vulture]
  • Hey now! Danny Devito says that on tonight's Sunny, Frank Reynolds will be naked again. [Twitter]
  • Amy Sedaris will guest star on Raising Hope as the nemesis to Martha Plimpton's character. Sounds like a catfight for the ages. [TV Squad]
  • For all of the luck AMC has had with Mad Men and The Walking Dead, they don't feel so four-leaf-clovery about Rubicon. They canceled the slow-moving show after only one season. [TV Squad]
  • The crew of The Biggest Loser has haulted production to picked outside of the show in hopes of unionizing. —insert fat joke here— [TV Guide]
  • Ron Moore (of Battlestar Galactica) has sold a Coast Guard action/adventure show to NBC. [The Hollywood Reporter
  • You can hear a preview of Gwyneth Paltrow singing Cee-Lo's "Fuck You" on Glee. [ONTD]
  • Tuesday's bully-centric episode of Glee was the show's season low. Guess America doesn't care about bullying, either. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Ladies, just so you know: Kurt's dreamy new boyfriend on Glee is straight in real life. [Best Week Ever]
  • Drea de Matteo will play a desperate housewife on Law & Order: SVU. [Movieline]
  • Bravo's Work of Art has been renewed for a new season. [Vulture]
  • Here's a story about Wil Wheaton's set appearances on upcoming episodes of The Big Bang Theory. [USA Today]
  • Sure, Mythbusters is a pretty fun show, but how much better would it be in 3D? You can file this one under "Things That Might Actually Be Happening." [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • The View's Sherri Shepard will guest star on Hot in Cleveland. [TV Guide]
  • In a not-so-shocking decision, Lou Dobbs will get a show on the Fox Business Network. [Reuters]
  • A contestant from The Bachelor and a contestant from The Bachelorette got married over the weekend. They met on facebook. [Pop Eater]

Around the Web...

  • Lots of photos from the Hangover 2 movie have hit the internet. Check them out — unless you don't want to be spoiled! [Splitsider]
  • Bill Murray is in talks to join Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton in Wes Anderson's latest film. [Pop Culture Brain]
  • Watch this interview and live musical performance from Jimmy "Rent is Too Damn High" McMillan. [Urlesque]
  • Read a piece of fan mail that JK Rowling responded to back in 1998. [Vulture]
  • Facebook explains how Dinosaurs became extinct. [Gizmodo]
  • There's a new book out by Matt Groening called Simpsons World – The Ultimate Episode Guide: Seasons 1-20. [Slash Film]
  • Crazy story of the day: Dick Van Dyke was rescued from death (after falling asleep on his surf board) by some friendly sea creatures? [Guardian]
  • Hilarious: this site makes a case for mustaches and the participation in mo-vember by showing important people with iconic facial hair without it. [Mos Make a Difference]
  • TIME has released their nominees for 2010's Person of the Year. Go vote! [TIME]
  • Ten reasons to love Conan O'Brien besides his late night talk show. [Nerve]

And now, check out CNN jumping on the "Penis on TV" bandwagon:

[Best Week Ever]