Tonight, Martha Stewart visited Stephen Colbert for quite the entertaining segment. Stewart talked about having her DNA taken/preserved and killing drunk turkeys with her bare hands—among other things—and also made gross hors d'oeuvres with Colbert. Video highlights inside.

At the beginning of the segment, Stewart and Colbert caught up with each other (it'd been two years since they last chatted on TV), and she randomly revealed that she'd had her DNA taken—twice:

Then, while discussing the holidays, Stewart revealed that she's killed six turkeys this year with her bare hands, and also noted that she gets them drunk before slaughtering them (how thoughtful of her!):


Lastly, watch Stewart and Colbert make some deliciously gross hors d'oeuvres, including Wonder Bread with mayonnaise spread on it and topped with Kool-Aid mix. Oh, also: Stewart spills on herself while eating some faux paté, and—without hesitation—Colbert begins to lick it off of her chest:

[The Colbert Report]