Have you ever had a nightmare about getting married? How about having sex with you mother? Why not both! Thanks to a zombie roommate and a seriously freaky puzzle box: welcome to Mark Lilly's worst nightmare come true.

This week, Mark was put in charge of a sperm spewing robot from the 1950s, but who cares about that! He's got bigger things to worry about. After attending his girlfriend, Callie's Thirteenth Zechalech ceremony, he's got a stalker leaving corpses everywhere and a bad feeling that he just got engaged.


Fortunately for him, he's not getting hitched, only getting his soul sucked out. Unfortunately for Callie, that means she's going to be left sad and all alone at the altar without a soul to fill an empty puzzle box. Demons are just like everyone else. We all have feelings, bickering parents, bad high school memories, bizarre ancient rituals that resemble marriage...