Night three of Conan featured Jon Hamm revealing things we never knew before: He's skeptical of a middle-aged Superman, hopes Don Draper never has to wear 70s clothes, and has been badly injured on the Mad Men set — twice.

Part One: Set Injuries
Jon Hamm talked about his two injuries on set and the time that Elisabeth Moss made him fall to his knees, shrieking like a lady.

Part Two: Don Draper's Signature Style in the 1970s?
Conan, a self-professed fan of the show, brought up a question on his mind about the length of the series. As the how nears the end of the 60s, "there is a Mr. Brady hair perm coming your way." Don't worry, Jon Hamm doesn't want to see Don Draper in anything other than a suit, either.

Part Three: The Superman Rumors
Conan addressed the rumor about Jon Hamm possibly playing the role of Superman in the upcoming film. The actor is more than skeptical that America wants to see a middle-aged dude play the role.