Today at Gawker.TV, Justin Bieber's head gets popped like a pimple on South Park, Fox and Friends interviews a bald eagle for Veterans Day, Jon Hamm, and we find out which "stars" ABC has tapped for Skating With the Stars.

South Park's Coon and Friends Brutally Murder Justin Bieber
Everybody's favorite animated fat kid and Our Dark Lord (Chtulhu) made the world a better place on last night's epic end to South Park's "Coon Saga." Watch as Justin Bieber's head is popped like a pimple!

In Honor of Veterans Day, Fox News Interviews a Bald Eagle
Today, Fox & Friends had a very special guest — a famous Bald Eagle. It's name? Challenger. You can tell they thought a lot about this segment when Steve Doocy asks, "What is it saying with all the eagle talk?"

Jon Hamm's Charming Conan Interview In Three Parts: Superman, Suits, and Set Injuries
Night three of Conan featured Jon Hamm revealing things we never knew before: He's skeptical of a middle-aged Superman, hopes Don Draper never has to wear 70s clothes, and has been badly injured on the Mad Men set — twice.

It's the Final Showdown Between Zac and Morgan on Top Chef: Just Desserts
When the judges confronted Zac about his outlandish style, he retorted by expressing his distaste with Morgan's apathetic attitude. Watch Morgan defend himself by taking cheap jabs at his gay competitors, and send Zac off with a really lame comeback.

The Cast of Skating With The Stars Revealed
What do Bethenny Frankel and Vince Neil have in common? They are both going to be on Skating With The Stars! Watch this promo for Tattoos and Tequila, on ice, with a shot of Sean Young on the side. Wow.