Contestants are dropping like flies on I Love Money as the cast is narrowed to seven. Last week, Sassy was sent home, and this week, two more contestants fall from grace... literally. Which money-lovers will hold on?

This week's challenge needs little introduction: we're all familiar with what most of these gals and goons do for a living, and this contest of endurance puts each player's pole skills to the test. As in prior seasons of I Love Money, the first person to fall from the dangling apparatus is eliminated from the show on the spot.

That brings us from nine numbskulls down to eight, but Hot Wings will have the opportunity to eliminate one more. It's time to connive! Punisher has been the alpha dog in the house since day one, and thankfully for us viewers, he's really starting to embrace his inner villain. He betrays one of the members of his alliance, Cisco, to force him into the bottom three, along with Mindy and Cornfed. Cisco is none too pleased when it comes time for the elimination ceremony:


Forget exotic dancing, this guy belongs in the WWE.

Anyway, Hot Wings doesn't want to go back on her pole-time promise to Mindy, so she's stuck choosing between the volatile Cisco and the cuddly Cornfed. Struck by a moment of inspiration, she decides to eliminate Cornfed, reasoning that as long as Cisco is around to make himself Punisher's number-one target, Hot Wings herself will fly under the radar.


Thus, your Magnificent Seven: Brittanya, Brooklyn, Cisco, Hot Wings, Mindy, Punisher, and 6-Gauge.