Do you remember the "Lone Gunmen," Mulder's three nerdy, conspiracy-nut sidekicks from The X-Files who briefly starred in their own spin-off? Hank Dolworth has his own trio of brilliantly useful losers, and last night, they sprang into action.

Last week's episode of Terriers involved Hank's exploration of the sordid past of his ex-wife's new fiancee, and this week's picks up with the happy couple's wedding. It appears that the story is going to focus on Hank's struggle to maintain his sobriety during this difficult day, and Hank gets as far as ordering scotch in the bar of the hotel where the wedding is taking place, but nature calls, and fate intervenes. While Hank is cleaning up in the restroom, a couple of old friends stop by:


That's right, it's Mr. Zeitlin and Mr. Burke, the "local businessmen" responsible for all sorts of intrigue earlier in the season. Hank's 543 days of sobriety are safe! These jerks are having a "meeting" with a local reporter who's just beginning to uncover some of the same clandestine shenaniganry Hank and Britt dug up several episodes ago. With the newly-fianced Britt busy with Katie at the wedding, Hank calls in his B-team:

Before long, Hank and his crew are watching some serious shit go down between Zeitlin, Burke, and their interviewer, who has no idea how over her head she is. Unless you're allergic to quality television or something, do yourself a favor and watch this episode on demand. We wish we could show you more, because this intersection of the cocksure bad guys and nerdy good guys results in some awesomely sneaky heroics. But then, we wouldn't have any time to show you this...

It's a confrontation that has been brewing for weeks — Katie has been spinning a web of lies around her one-off affair and possible pregnancy with her professor, and, well... her fiancee is a private investigator. At the wedding reception, the truth finally comes out, and Britt does not take it well:


If you've become as much of a Donal Logue fan as we have, we've got another podcast for you. [] Here's hoping these unorthodox promotional attempts will pay dividends, because Logue has started to refer to Terriers in the past tense a lot more often than the present.