Why pay for an overpriced, tiny hotel room in Manhattan when you can sleep for free high up in one of Central Park's 24,000 trees? That's what Cory and Dana Foht have been doing for the past two months.

The Fohts are twin brothers from Florida who have slept in hammocks 25 feet up an elm tree in Central Park at least 20 nights over the past two months. Cory told the New York Times, "I love this tree. Some of the most inspiring nights I've had in New York were spent here." It's illegal to sleep in Central Park and people aren't supposed to be in there between 1am and 6am, but this hasn't deterred the Fohts from sneaking in at night and sleeping in their adopted elm tree. And now, of course, police will be looking for two 25-year-old twins sleeping in a giant elm tree — so, good luck, guys!

As New York trend pieces go, this one isn't the absolute worst, and it actually sounds like a pretty good time. But somewhere, Jack Shafer is fuming.

[Image via AP]