Tonight, Sarah Palin and Co.'s new reality show—Sarah Palin's Alaska—premiered on TLC. It was ridiculous, obviously. So, what better way to celebrate that fact than to show you the five most ridiculous moments from the episode! Watch inside.

5) Is Rock Climbin' Hard? You Betcha!

Palin tried to go rock climbing—it didn't turn out so well:


4) The Requisite "Mama Grizzly" Reference


Palin watched two grizzly bears go at it—and then related it to herself and made a veiled political reference, obviously:

3) (Border) Fence Talk

Palin lamented the fact that a reporter moved in next door. Worse, this guy is writing a "hit piece" on her! So, Todd built a 14-foot fence to keep him away—and Palin thinks the rest of the country should do the same (to keep out illegal immigrants!):

2) Like Bristol, Like Willow

Palin's daughter, Willow, had a boy over. Willow and the boy tried to go upstairs together, and Palin didn't like this:

1) The Theme Song

Seriously—just listen/watch:

Until next week!

[Sarah Palin's Alaska]