"Make it or break it or die," said Josh about the show that wrapped Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp. Then his band Tugboat Circus, led by eloquent Svengali Mark Hudson and his sexy vision, won it all.

[There was a video here]

Guest Bret Michaels studded it up, being hot and respectful to everyone on set and playing twice with each of the bands. He even pulled the under-utilized (and rather consistently frumpily dressed, what were those jeans when she could have on anything?!), Carrie Keagan into shots which was nice.

Rock photog Robert Knight did band photo shoots, and we learned Haircut (who unveiled a "situation") is a moddle. I could have guessed she's not a literature major since she didn't realize that foreshadowing her demise by saying her band had it in the bag was a bad idea. Also hilar: her wiggle while playing.

They all really wanted to play the finale with a literally smoking Ace Frehley, so stepped up like rock stars to earn it. Talk Dirty To Me! Ben's kid rocking out. Much more of Kip cracking the whip (yay). Ripped Rudy. The hot rod mechanic and accountant and marketing guy getting "that thing you wrote Santa for".

Lots of people owning their moment here. Yes Cory, your song is a jam, and you guys should be a band and play arenas as our new guru Bret - owning your publishing is awesome, kiddies - said. Proton Saints, not so much with the anthem sorry, and too many headbands. Then Tugboat Circus and their well-designed sign cranked out their original, and I knew they had it in our glamourpusses' proverbial purse. It's the Kelly Clarkson "Moment Like This", that second when you're just so darn happy that Janelle and company are living the dream, and I think they realized that here.

To what end you might think, is it really in anyone's best interest to want to be a rock star? Perhaps we should have left Janelle in her recent past - happily schlocking it up at the catering hall. We know that regardless of the win Josh's fake mustache will always fall off. But finding your voice is a worthy goal. And like our wise Bret says, once you stop trying you're definitely not going to make it.