Last Tuesday, Tina Fey was honored with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Last night PBS aired the entire ceremony for the rest of us. It was filled with Tina's colleagues cracking jokes and sending their warmest congratulations.

Here's some nice words from Steve Martin, Tracy Morgan, Amy Poehler, Betty White, Seth Myers, and Jane Krakowski performing "Muffin Top."

Some of the speeches were so good they had to be looked at seperately. Like Jon Hamm's story of how he was offered parts on both 30 Rock and Mad Men at the same time. Looks like it all turned out okay.


Jimmy Fallon hammed it up on stage peforming a parody of U2's "Beautiful Day" called "Beautiful Fey."

Alec Baldwin made an appearance as Mark Twain himself — that is, until "Mark Twain" realized that his award was being presented to a woman.


Tina's remarks were short, sweet, and profound. Here are some highlights of her speech, courtesy of TV Squad, where she accepts the blame for the entire Sarah Palin fiasco.

I highly suggest that you take some time to watch the entire thing here.