Last night's finale to Bored to Death succeeded by being smart, being simple, and not trying too hard. The consistently fun show ended without a huge fuss, and even as a second season concludes, the characters still feel real.

The final episode of the second season isn't raising a question, it's full of great moments. Here's a handful of them:

The best line of the episode is NSFW if you are offended by the word "twat." The line is in reference to the fact that Ray has received a "voodoo" doll of himself with an embroidered vagina that he's given to a police officer known to have sexual "issues."


Jim Gaffigan stopped by to diagnose George "Mayday Malone" Christopher as a man very much in pain.

George didn't take too well to the diagnoses, hence Mr. Christopher will no longer employed at his magazine in Season 3.


Jonathan is up for a new teaching job, but so is Louis. The battle for true hand-slapping, briefcase battering literary machismo seems no closer to an end.

The climax was right out of DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths as Super Ray unknowingly watched Jonathan Ames deck Jonathan Ames.