The number crunchers at The Daily Beast ranked the country's 27 largest airports, and the three that serve the New York metropolitan area all ranked near the bottom of the list. The worst airport in the country: It's Newark.

Yes, Newark Liberty International Airport came in 27th out of 27, the second year in a row that it's ended up at the bottom of the pile. JFK International fared nearly as poorly, coming in at No. 25, down one spot from the previous year. LeGuardia fared the best—as far as New York airports go—coming in at No. 19, a step up from its 20th-place finish last year.

The terminals were judged mostly by how often flights arrived and departed on time, but the analysis also took into account safety records, wait times at security checkpoints, and the amenities available to passengers. So which airport scored the top spot? Phoenix! Your grandparents are very happy about that.

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