Two stories came out of the Sooner State today, one that makes a gay activist's blood boil, the other that warms that same activist's boiled-blood-filled heart. One involves some public school malfeasance, the other everyone's favorite Baptist church.

Let's do the bad news first. Queerty tells us that three lesbian students in Del City, OK are speaking out against discrimination they claim they experienced at the hands of administrators at Del City High School. One student in particular, Kelsey Hicks, who is backed by two others with similar stories, claims that Del City High principal Gina Hill told her she couldn't return to school after dropping out and that she should just get her GED, telling her that, because Hicks is a lesbian, "[you are] not going to do anything with your life." Terrific! The two other students claim they were banned from teams and told to drop out because of their lesbianism, so it seems a little pandemic! Here's the news broadcast:

The part where the school says "Yeah, but they don't go here anymore!" is funny because, yeah, that's the girls' whole point. So, shame on you, Oklahoma.

But also yay for you! Some of those Westboro Baptist Church fools were doing another one of their fool anti-gay protests at a soldier's funeral in the small town of McAlester, OK and, well, wouldn't you know it, those Westboro folks had their car tires slashed by somebody. Then no repair shop in town would help the fools get their shit fixed. Ha! Way to rally, McAlester. Ultimately the Westboro fools called AAA and it towed their fool vehicle to Wal-Mart, where it were fixed. Mmhmm. That sounds about right.

So. Oklahoma. We're not totally mad at you, but we're not happy with you either. Wal-Mart? Well, you know how we feel about you.