Last night's Dexter offered up everything that we've come to love about the show. There was blood, violence, awkwardness, suspense, and even a cliffhanger thats going to annoy us until next Sunday. Click ahead for a recap of the madness.

With Jordan Chase's head of security topping the Dexter's list of People to Kill, Dexter crashed the self-help guru's seminar to follow his target. Suffering through the babble, Dexter provided us with easily my favorite part of the episode...


At some point in time, Chase noticed Dexter in the crowd and took personal interest in his attendance. Not because he was suspicious or anything but because he knew of Dexter's wife's murder. Being the creaper that he is, Chase even went so far as to call Dexter onto the stage to try to help him through his grief. While he was on stage though, the always troublesome Lumen was spotted by Chase's head of security in the hotel lobby, leading to this mad dash and pursuit. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely puckered during this chase.

As always, Dexter was Johnny-on-the-spot and there to save Lumen right in the nick of time, taking down the body-gaurd with the Cobra Clutch. Now Dexter could set up his murderous ritual, this time with an audience and a twist.

Having witnessed Dexter's routine by his side, he and Lumen are now connected. Lucky her, she even got a special souvenir to commemorate the occasion. Maybe she'll make a necklace out of it. The next step was getting the body out of the hotel.


"Tick-Tick-Tick"? First of all Jordan, get a new saying, you just sound weird and second of all, way to tip yourself off. Now you're on Dexter's radar. That is not where you want to be.

All that was left to do now was dump the body into the middle of the ocean. The big old ocean, where no one would ever see anything.

God I hate this private eye. Who knew he was going to have the biggest camera in Miami by the way. He really is the worst. Hopefully Dexter can just kill him next episode. Not sure how he can reconcile it within his rules of murder, but "being annoying and ridiculously creapy" are totally murderable (definitely a word) offenses in my book.

I know I didn't even bring up Deb or Quinn's story line, but seriously, who cares about them? Right? Next Sunday is going to be good.