Ever wanted to go to Brooklyn for an illicit lobster roll? Then you know the power of Ben Sargent. In this minute in a half he will make you cry because you are not eating mussels on the beach.

[There was a video here]

On his raw new one-off Hook, Line and Dinner, airing this month on Cooking Channel, Boston chowderman and urban fishing aficionado Sargent aka Dr. Claw, drives his motorcycle from Brooklyn to Maine. On the way, he stops to fish and cook and eat.

I was just saying how cool it is to catch eels off a dock, and seeing them go from trap to plate with a "Portuguese mama" cooking was spellbinding! We learn that fried clams were first served July 3, 1916, and visit the shack where this happened. And there's a special moment with a truffled creamed spinach under just caught bluefish that I think I'll be traveling for. Series, please?