Bold action at the Janesville (Wisconsin) Gazette, where editor Scott Angus announced that the paper's banning comments on stories about "crimes, courts, accidents, race or sex" in order to "cut down on the ugliness." How are the commenters taking it?

matthew516: The Gazette acting like the U.S. Government now.....playing "God"

Opinionsforfree: New Name: The Censorship Gazette, IE, the PC politically correct Gazette, The Joesph stallion gazette, The China Gazette. Please delete my account if you reading this I will get my censored news somewhere else as the new on this site is a day old

blood: When cannabis is re-legalized in the united States then we can all just mellow the hell out and start treating each other with dignity and respect! I hope the prior happens long before the latter. Stop the insanity, Re-Legalize Cannabis/Hemp now and avoid the rush...

matthew516: gravity~ There's alot of merit to that last post of yours. That's what the "powers that be" in this country want us to be doing. As long as we're entertained to death with things and arguing and fighting over things, "they" can have their way. Hitler had that all figured out. You're right. This culture is too prideful to simply just get along. We're too busy trying to be right all the time that we miss out on what's actually true!

gazettefan: matthew, have you ever heard of the First Amendment? Hitler didn't like it.

matthew516: "In God we trust.....ALL others must have data" ...End of story

Most of them took the news well.