During a Sydney performance of "Seek and Destroy," Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett is kicking balloons around the stage. He winds up, swings his foot, and—uh oh. Was that a child that just went flying?

Liveleak published video from an audience member. As Hammett staggers across the stage, seeking and destroying balloons, a small child stands at the stage's edge wearing sound-proof earmuffs and yellow pants. (Maybe a roadie's kid?) Hammett swings his foot, kicks a balloon, and suddenly the child is flying through the air. Later, someone picks the kid up and carries him away.

Uh, yikes! Of all things to accidentally kick during "Seek and Destroy," a small child is among the worst possibilities. Here's hoping the baby's OK, and that this all turns into a really funny story a decade or two from now. [Liveleak]