Last night The Big C aired it's season finale and once again we were left misty and confused. Have the producers possibly killed off the series star already? We've got our theories, now you be the judge.

The episode started at the funeral for Cathy's crotchedy old neighbor and for the first time all season, Paul actually said something that wasn't completely annoying.


Cathy's smelly brother was spotted at the funeral by Cynthia Nixon's character, who subsequently hunted him down like a dog. What he had been interpreting as psychopathic, stalker-ish behavior turned out to be something quite different.

At the funeral, we also learned that Cathy's neighbor left her the house and not her awful daughters. After 5 minutes of face time it's easy to see why. Probably the most transparently loathsome characters I seen since Billy Zane in Titanic. Cathy tolerated their Evil Stepsister act up to a point, then it was time to lay down the law in a "srsly GTFO" kinda way.

In this moment of conflict, Cathy realized that she was ready to fight. She'd accepted her neighbors exit from the world but didn't agree with it. Knowing of her brothers impending child and now finally embracing the life and family that she'd somehow been willing to leave behind, Cathy was no longer willing to just lay down and die. The cancer treatment procedure that had always been out of the question for her was now her only option. One problem, that treatment is fucking rough and often comes with serious and sometimes fatal side-effects. Yikes.


Before she could go under the treatment though, she needed to talk with her emotionally vacant son. The whole damn episode she just wanted to see some sort of emotional reaction from him, some sort of acknowledgement of her stark reality but she never got. It took a serious slap across the face for him to suddenly grasp the dire situation at hand.

So there you have it... um, yeah. Is she dead? Thoughts? Reactions? Theories? If you have them, then I'm all ears.