The Way We Live Now: studiously avoiding a conversation about what's happening to the stock market thanks to unsustainable worldwide debt levels. Hey, Wal-Mart's doing well! And perks are back at some jobs? Well I'll be an unemployed foreclosure victim!

The Dow ended the day down nearly 200... no. Wait. I mean, would you believe Wal-Mart's profits this quarter? Up 9.3%! That's what we'd call unqualified good news as long as you don't consider its sociopolitical implications!

Of course, it's hard to keep a sunny disposition when one considers the looming Ireland debt crisis that threatens to undermine the entire... I mean, positivity! Positive mental attitude! Hey, don't look at it as disaster hanging over your shoulder—look at it as two whole weeks of sweet sweet unemployment benefits left before the disaster! Live in the now!

And then there's the danger that China's intentional slowing of its economy could absolutely devastate... what I mean to say is, job perks like "free soft drinks" and "holiday parties" are returning in some workplaces. Not your workplace. But some. And that's really all you can ask for.

And don't forget that a huge number of your fellow Americans are literally starving love puppies.

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