The Way We Live Now: with full faith in the greed of the American consumer. It is, indeed, the only thing that will pull us through. Flock to new casinos, despite all sense and reason! Flock to stores! Spend, live!

Deutsche Bank is super happy today because now they own and run a massive brand new opulent Las Vegas casino! Yea, hooray for that! That is something that simply could not be better timed in opposite land. If there is one thing that there is lots of floating around now, it is disposable income, for gambling and lavish vacations in a desert wonderland.


Your own elected officials are hiring debt collectors to come and collect your "debt," which is another word for all your money. This reflects a patriotic belief by our leaders that we, the people, have money, to give. It is this optimism that will life America right up through the roof, and beyond.

There are no sad sacks around here. It's not just the government taking money; it's our unaccountable rulers for life giving money back, in the form of huge donations to their own charitable foundations, which are the most powerful and fearsome economic forces for "good" outside of the US Marine Corps.

Black Friday is coming! Black Friday is coming! And with it the last chance for our faltering recovery to right itself before the end of the "happy" holiday season of econometric despair. We are not here to put pressure on you, the consumer; we are simply here to tell you that if you do not come up with several hundreds of billions of dollars this Black Friday (and also some more, for the debt collectors) then you made lots of poor saps work at shitty retail stores on Thanksgiving day, for nothing.

Nice. Real nice.

[Photo: Lars Plougmann]