Last night we learned that Willow Palin, daughter of Sarah, has a very active Facebook life! This prompted your usual short, pithy Palin-related comments, though it inspired one commenter to compose a full-length original(ish) song/poem about the Alaskan archangel.

From SylviaPlathWasFramed (this afternoon! so it counts!):

Hello dumbness, my old friend
I've found myself alone again
Here on Facebook from my Android phone
On the set of my TV show... alone
And the rednecks that are rankling my pain
Still remain
Above the sound of Palins

In old sweatpants I danced alone
While Willow got our hamster stoned
'Neath the halo of our nation's lamp
The Situation made my panties damp
While I ate, and ate and ate and ate
While haters hate
And hate the sound of Palins

"Fools," said I, in grammar poor
"Each Palin is a media whore
Hear my words here on this Facebook
We can't read; who cares how we look"
But my words like silent snowflakes fell
On the meth labs
Near the home of Palins

And my momma bowed and prayed
To Glenn Beck and hating gays
And the sign flashed out "ABC"
And I knew we'd all get on TV
And the media played its daily role
And whimpered the sound of Palins

(Can we please also take a moment to marvel at my truly astounding Photoshop skillz?)