What begins as a guessing contest quickly descends into the kind of torturous game that cats play with mice while they work up their appetite. To no one's surprise, it's Punisher who plays the role of the tabby mastermind.

The promise of a quiz-show-style challenge gets most of the remaining contestants nervous, since with the exception of Punisher, no one seems to have any confidence in his or her mental acuity. Don't worry, though, the game really only involves basic concepts like "counting" and "shapes:"


You see where this is going, don't you? Punisher out-estimates all of his adversaries, and he even gets to flaunt his knowledge of animal dentistry (!!!) by correctly guessing the number of teeth possessed by a nearby goat. Moreover, when it comes time to decide on a bottom three, the six voters reach a stalemate, and Punisher, as the paymaster, gets to nominate whomever he wants. Of course, he uses this as an opportunity to play mind games with 6-Gauge, his supposed ally:

After Mindy, Cisco, and Hot Wings spend their power outing fruitlessly trying to convince Punisher of their value as allies, the elimination ceremony provides Pun with another opportunity to cagily assert his dominance:

With Cisco eliminated, it certainly looks like Punisher can't be stopped. Tune in next week to see if Mindy, Hot Wings, Brooklyn, or 6-Gauge can muster the power to defeat him... or perhaps the host of diseases he's sure to have picked up from sleeping with Brittanya will finally bring the big man down?