Tonight's Grey's Anatomy was about an all-nighter. People drank, people died, and some even had sex. You'd think this would be a recipe for some kind of awesome cut-em-up, save-them-lives-and-have-celebratory-sex episode. You'd be wrong.

The night shift, we learned, is a whole other beast when you work at a hospital as a surgical resident. After getting their law-mandated eight hours of sleep in during the day, Avery and Lexie were treated with a night of traumas, Meredith and Karev performed a rogue pediatric surgery, and the virgin-April was tasked with separating two teenagers who super glued themselves together. The totem pole is alive and well, isn't it?

And if you didn't tune in tonight, that's really all you need to know. Why? Because, really, nothing else happened. I could go on about how all of these situations turned out, of course, but the honest truth is that none of it mattered in the end and we learned absolutely nothing new this episode other than the fact that Avery is a screamer when he sleeps and Cristina and Bailey are both pretty fun drunks. Did I mention that tonight we saw Cristina slinging drinks at Joe's as a bartender?

[There was a video here]

Apparently this whole situation is BLASPHEMOUS to her fellow doctors because no one could stop talking about it. Owen went so far as to assume she would get a job at the morgue when he told her to get a job, as if A) the morgue is any less sad than tending bar across the street from your former glory as a surgeon and B) she should be taking any orders from her new husband or any husband for that matter. And on the next episode? Christina is going fishing as yet another cure for her "Ain't Nobody Gonna Make Me Do Surgery No Mo'" blues.

Had I known that her storyline would devolve from post-traumatic stress into New York Goes To Work I would have just skipped over Grey's and tuned straight into Private Practice. Isn't it so good this season? Not since Antoine Dodson has anything benefited so much from a rape story and so quickly.

So yeah, tonight's episode was a filler. Sure, we got to see Avery shirtless and Sloane shirtless and Bailey drunk, but it's all for naught if I can't get some substance in my storyline too. Here's hoping we won't have to introduce another shooter to Seattle Grace to get this show back on track. But in the meantime, bring on the abs!