After four seasons of sexual tension, Howard and Raj finally shared a kiss on last night's episode of "The Big Bang Theory." Also, Penny and Leonard pretend to get back together, we meet Penny's dad, and Raj prank calls Hawaii.

Leonard stopped by Penny's apartment to let her know that pizza was about to be delivered, but was surprised to find a strange man at the door instead of Penny. Later, Penny passionately kisses Leonard out of the blue.


Upon returning to his apartment he exclaims that no one will believe what just happened, leading to one of the more classic Sheldon moments in recent memory:

Penny stops by to explain her earlier kiss, saying that she told her father that the two of them were back together. Leonard agrees to play along with their fake relationship - He even goes the extra mile by making out with her in front of her father.

Raj has obtained an exciting assignment, remotely monitoring a telescope in Hawaii. He invites Howard along, who in turn invites Bernadette. Bernadette breaks out some alcohol, which leads to lightweight Raj prank calling Hawaii.


As Raj gets more inebriated, he becomes increasingly depressed. Bernadette gives him some positive reinforcement, and in his drunken state he tries to kiss her, but Howard intervenes. Kissing ensues!

While Leonard is having some bonding time with Penny's dad, she calls and admits the whole relationship is a sham. Penny's father takes it poorly, but not in the way one might think.

Back at work, Howard and Raj have an awkward encounter, made worse by Leonard's question about Howard touching "Raj's big telescope."