The Way We Live Now: not studiously. We'll break it down as patriotically as possible: America wasn't built by a bunch of nerd boys in pocket protectors playing calculator games called "math." America was built by men! Poor, math-illiterate men.

Sure, it turns out that people with greater math skills end up with more wealth. Pretty straightforward. Straightforwardly nerdy. Because this nation—and, by extension, this world—was not built by "mathemagicians." It was built by grand men—moguls, like Mike Bloomberg, unafraid to propose massive layoffs, with no math involved.

This world doesn't need an abacus to know that tax cuts make everything grow, like water, or steroids. We don't need a "graphing calculator" to figure out that Russia is headed straight into the shitter because it insists on "centrally planning" things somehow—probably with math. We don't need pen and paper to know that few new businesses and few new jobs equals few new monies.

That ain't math. That's common damn sensical.

The American Dream has unraveled. It's right there in the newspaper. No need to win the "math Olympics" to grasp that one. Have a good weekend, America. Free of math, money, and worries alike.

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