Katy Perry boob-gate comes to an end. Some Lindsay Lohan news that should not brighten your Thanksgiving. Everyone loves Prince William. Emma Watson doesn't understand men. Sunday Gossip Roundup will make you think twice about bringing children into the world.

  • Katy Perry's nationally-recognized boobs had to be reduced in a poster for her upcoming performance on VH1's "Divas Salute the Troops" special. It was originally reported that her reps had demanded the tweak because they thought her boobs looked big. But Katy says she wanted her own boobs reduced, tweeting: "Silly press check it: I was the one who asked VH1 to tone down my DIGITALIZED image on the poster, particularly the size of my chest… and I don't have handlers… but someone @VH1 offices is a gossipmonger & thought they could use a little extra press planting the story." As another famous diva supporting our troops once said: Mission: Accomplished.
  • News broke yesterday that Lindsay Lohan had been dropped from the Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno. The film's director said he fired her; Lindsay says she quit "so that she could focus more on her recovery." She's been replied by Malin Ackerman (Couples Retreat) and we can be sure some terrible fate will befall her due to the CURSE OF LINDSAY. (There's a curse, right?) [TMZ, Deadline]
  • David Arquette showed up late to a party. And when he got there, he "danced provocatively with a dark-haired woman." [P6]
  • Is Ice-T getting a reality show? He was spotted with his wife Coco and a film crew at a club in Manhattan. The show will probably be him very aggressively tweeting. [P6]
  • The Betty Ford Clinic wouldn't let Lindsay Lohan go back to New York for Thanksgiving, so she'll be having dinner with Michael Lohan. Now that she's not doing that Lovelace biopic, she should sign a contract with someone to have them stick cameras on the walls during this dinner. People on the Internet can pay $5 to watch Lindsay and Michael's Thanksgiving and feel better about their own dysfunctional families. [TMZ]
  • Hollywood's most wretched feud continues: Mel Gibson almost called the cops on Oksana Grigorieva, after his nanny arrived to pick up their kid, Lucia, but Oksana wouldn't answer the door. (Oksana's camp says he returned Lucia late, so this was fair.) And new text messages show Oksana getting pissed at her lawyer that she only got $15 million in her mediation package. [TMZ, TMZ]
  • Emma Watson doesn't understand men. "When I was on the set with Daniel and Rupert, it was normally me who went to the guys with the questions about guys because I don't pretend to understand the male gender." Here's all you need to know: They like you. [People]
  • Now that Prince WIlliam has a sexy wife, Britons want him to be their next king instead of boring old Prince Charles. Well, the main qualifications of being royalty are 1) Looking good and 2) Being a live. Prince WIlliam clearly has the edge in both these categories. [People]