NATO's senior civilian in Afghanistan, Mark Sedwill says kids in Kabul have little to worry about: "The children are probably safer here than they would be in London, New York or Glasgow." Meanwhile, civilian deaths are "soaring" across the country.

Sedwill was speaking to CBBC Newsround (most likely from a cushy, heavily-fortified compound) when he made the statement above. He backs up his comparison with some semi-Orientalist bullshit:

Here and in Kabul and the other big cities (in Afghanistan) actually there are very few of those bombs. [...] Most children can go about their lives in safety. It's a very family-orientated society. So it is a little bit like a city of villages."

Yeah, because having a family-oriented society does a lot to protect kids from car bombs. The delusional Sedwill should try telling that to 16-year-old Sohrad, who also spoke with Newsround:

Because of explosions happening in the city, it is frightening when we come to school. We are afraid of explosions in the school."

Okay, so living in Kabul is safer for kids than in more dangerous provinces like Helmand and Kandahar, but to say kids in Kabul are safer than in New York, London or Glasgow (?) is nothing short of ridiculous.

[Kids playing among war wreckage in super safe Kabul, via Getty]