Kody and new (fourth) wife Robyn travel to San Diego for their honeymoon, leaving Kody's current wives angry that the new addition to the family gets a honeymoon 4x longer than theirs while they're stuck at home babysitting.

After an unusually long Mormon courtship, Kody and Robyn are finally have a marriage license and celebrate it by taking romantic walks on the beach in San Diego. The pair are optimistic that the other wives will take no time in accepting Robyn into the family.


Meri, Janelle, and Christine are not as pleased as Kody and Robyn might hope. Janelle thinks 11 days for a honeymoon is "ridiculous," while Meri is annoyed that Robyn gets a long honeymoon while she only gets 3 days with Kody to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Christine, in tears, calls Robyn while she's on the honeymoon to ask if she, "really needed this."

Ultimately the wives have a lot to overcome in accepting a new woman (and her children) into their family. Hopefully Kody is able to distribute his time and love evenly amongst all the wives to help them feel more warmly towards Robyn. He certainly seems up to the challenge, as seen here when he relates to a polygamous rhinoceros.