This week's episode of Dexter was murder free and yet still managed to pack it's regular punch. With only two episodes left, and the walls closing in him, we're starting to wonder... Is Dexter going to have to kill everyone?

The episode started with Dexter working out with Jordan Chase, the motivational speaker/psychopath who's taken a shine to Dexter. After their session, Dexter made an interesting discovery about Mr. Chase in the locker room. Wait, that sounds weird. Ah, whatever.

One of Dexter's forgotten children made their way to Miami this week, as Astor and a friend ran away from home. It wasn't until later that we found out why the two had fled. Dexter, obviously, had his own way of handling the situation.


Quinn, the neutered detective, told Deb he loved her in last nights episode and no one cared. *TANGANT ALERT* Seriously, this guy is the worst. Worst character. Worst actor. Worst plotline. Worst everything. Seriously Quinn, you need to go somewhere. I don't care where. Just somewhere far away. But it's not just him. Dexter's dad? Oh my god, how annoying is that guy? And the kids? Or how about Lt. Laguerta? I can't remember loving a show so much and simultaneously despising almost every character on it. Thank god for Masuka.

Alright, moving on. So Quinn's increasingly strained relationship with the loose cannon private detective finally boiled over into this standoff. I'd be nervous for both of these guys to be honest, because Dexter's reckless this season.


And finally, what would a Dexter episode be without a cliffhanger...

Julie Stiles scared face. Duhn-duhn-DUUUUHN!