Broadcasting & Cable reports that Britain's ITV talk show host Jeremy Kyle will bring his daytime horrorshow to the US next fall. Into the apocalypse? See him make Jerry Springer look like a humanitarian, inside.

Kyle is your standard UK presenter type, with a few series under his belt. Part reformer, with a touch of anything goes exploitationist, he is best known for screaming at guests, the gruesome things that happen on his show and his lavish lifestyle. Ab Fab's Jennifer Saunders starred in a satiric series making fun of him, The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle. His Wikipedia includes quotes calling his current show "a morbid and depressing display" of "human bear-baiting". He is (of course) known for his DNA and lie detector tests.

In a standard Kylesian scenario, we find out the most horrible people ever did something gross.

Another classic "My Partner Ate My Baby" featured a woman who ate a cat. And a dog. Debating her husband about who had eaten their baby. Obviously.