Last night on How I Met Your Mother, the gang celebrated Thanksgiving with a few extra friends: Lost's Jorge Garcia, Jennifer Morrison, and a mysterious "Wang Guy." There were Lost references! Ferris Bueller references! The mysterious curse of the Blitz!

First off, here's the backstory behind the Curse of the Blitz. It all goes back to Ted and Marshall's college days and their friend Blitz (played by Jorge Garcia) who would leave the room and—without fail—something awesome would happen immediately.

But in this Blitzgiving episode, Ted gets the curse and then passes it on to Barney, who "caught it" when he took a separate cab from the gang. This scene also has rapid-fire Ferris Bueller references!


By the end of the episode, Barney gives The Blitz back to Steve (who is now The Blitz again.)

And just because we couldn't forget Jorge's Lost references in the episode, here they are:


Who ever thought we'd hear the Lost numbers and the Island referenced in a sitcom?