The best part about viral song hits? The covers and parodies that pop up! Willow Smith whipped her hair and Springsteen, Snooki, puppets and others got in on the action. Hair whipping and/or seizures after the break.

1) This gangsta bird broke out with some serious moves:

2) Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon do their own folk adaptation

[There was a video here]

2) This remix featured footage from the Sesame Street "I love my hair" video:

3) A Belly Dancer decided "hip" whipping was more of her thing:

4) Youtuber Nichole337 literally (and hilariously) whips her head around for the entirety of the track:


5) Keenan Cahill jams to "Whip My Hair" while donning what a commenter calls a "diamond Hitler 'stache"

6) Snooki and her dog potentially have seizures while dancing around to Willow:

7) The parents of this seven year old rapper wanted to prove that their offspring was just as gifted as Will & Jada: