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TSA scans me, misses ax, but dentist spots a cracked molar. Scanners pick up on tennis blaster. Turkey arrested. All is well.less than a minute ago via web

Steve Martin

Martin loves the TSA for helping him keep up with his dental health!

One cool thing that no one is talking about is that the TSA scanners will be able to tell who does and doesn't have a boner.less than a minute ago via web

Eugene Mirman

Eugene Mirman would try to spot boners if he was a TSA agent.

Courtney Love tweets nearly-nude pic of self. That's the scariest nude image since Sherri Sheppard went thru a TSA screener at JFK!less than a minute ago via web

Lisa Lampanelli

Lisa Lampanelli pokes fun at Courtney Love.

#truth RT @TSAgov: When @sn00ki comes through security, we like to turn on House music and watch her dance in the scanner. <3 snooks #tsaless than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

Nicole Polizzi

Snooki, wants to fist-pump for her fans in the TSA scanner. Please don't, Snooki. If you do, let's hope it doesn't get leaked.

TSA Rips Open Dudes Piss-Bag. Fuck with TSA as much as possible this holiday season.…less than a minute ago via Facebook

Doug Stanhope

Doug Stanhope wants you to stand up to the TSA this holiday season.