Since it's Black Friday, people are probably already pestering you about what gifts you want for Christmas. You'll ask for some small things, but what's on your real list? What items are too inappropriate to ask for?

Every year you jot down some books, DVDs, and a few simple items for family and friends to get you, but there is something super secret that you really want that you wouldn't dare ask for. It's either too expensive, dirty, or inappropriate to tell anyone that you desire it. Come on, you know you really want to ask your husband for some gigantic Tiffany ring, your girlfriend to buy you admission to a swinger's club, or your PETA-loving sister-in-law for a pair of fur-lined gloves (they may be cruel, but boy are they comfy!).

What's on my real list? For expensive, I'd love a Thom Browne suit (size 2, please), but no one I know has $3K for some crazy attire. I don't think they're too dirty, but I would love some of these porn pillows [NSFW] that my sisters at Jezebel found. But I think my mother might find them off-color. Inappropriate? Well, I don't want anyone to know about my fixation with celebrity fragrances so I guess I'm going to have to buy Beyoncé's "Heat" for myself.

What do you all want? Share in the comments section and feel free to get creative and include pictures and links. Who knows, you might end up with what you really want under the tree after all!

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