Turkey day is tomorrow, so our favorite celebs talk the big day and food!

This years Thanksgiving challenge: See if you can sneak a bowl of Lucky Charms on the table.Wed Nov 24 20:46:24 via web

Adam McKay

Apparently Adam McKay is not satisfied with Thanksgiving food, a holiday solely based around the greatness of its food.

If I hear another diet expert bitch tell me how to watch the calories on Thanksgiving, I'm gonna violate her with a deep fried drum stick.Wed Nov 24 16:50:27 via web

Adam Carolla

Agreed! This should be the one day we're allowed to indulge. Isn't it a given?

Mmm turkey. I bet the guy who came up with the name for "stuffing" also came up with the name for "butthole." Lazy prick.Wed Nov 24 20:21:10 via Twitter for iPhone

Bo Burnham

Hey, don't ruin it for the rest of us. Now we have the image ingrained forever.

Why, at my family gatherings, do we always have to end up youtubing funny cat videos..Wed Nov 24 19:39:45 via Twitter for iPhone


Taylor Swift! Just like us.

Loudly proclaim to anyone within earshot at the airport, "I sure hope we get Sully!" #TravelTipsWed Nov 24 18:07:43 via ÜberTwitter

Joel McHale

Please - for your own health - don't do this.