Lady Gaga cooked up a "little monster casserole." Michael Douglas took his kids to Epcot. Mel Gibson tried to get some (proof that his ex was taking) Oxycodone. Friday's gossip is still recovering from the sweet potato marshmallow casserole.

  • Pop star Lady Gaga cooked herself a "Little Monster" casserole for Thanksgiving, and Tweeted a photograph of herself holding it. "Brooklyn bitch," she added, helpfully. [TwitPic]

  • Brooke Mueller, the ex-wife of American Poet Laureate Charlie Sheen, is refusing requests to be interviewed by the NYPD, which is investigating the brief, refined tea party Sheen held with pornographic film actress Capri Anderson. The cops want to talk to Mueller about her Christmas with Sheen last year, which, like so many family Christmases, ended in knife threats. [Radar]

  • Actor Michael Douglas, recovering from eight weeks of radiation and chemotherapy aimed at his throat cancer, celebrated Thanksgiving with his family at Epcot Center (Epcot Center?? Really?) looking like the good old sleazy Michael Douglas we all know and love. Here he is pictured with his five children. [People]

Lady Gaga Cooked a Turkey Casserole and Other Thanksgiving Treats
  • Jeremy Renner, a famous warlock, could possibly take over the Mission: Impossible franchise from Canadian Prime Minister Tom Cruise. How exciting! [People]

  • Humanitarian and women's rights activist Mel Gibson really wants to see ex Oksana Grigorieva's medical records, so he can prove she was taking Oxycodone when he was threatening to beat the shit out of her. [TMZ]

  • Artisan carpenter Josh Hartnett and Victoria's Secret model Katharina Alexandra Damm are alleged to be rubbing their sex-parts against one other with some regularity. Hartnett and Damm refused to comment, which means they are totally doing it. [Page Six]

  • Fabolous, the rapper/Facebook founder, had not one, but two birthday parties, one of which he couldn't even get in to. [Page Six]

  • Hewlett Packard CEO Kate Gosselin insists that her kids were not expelled from school, but rather "pulled" due to "pressure." They are currently being home-schooled, hopefully not in a creepy way. [NYDN]

  • Breaking: A hot model takes the subway sometimes! The other ones don't, though. [Page Six]

  • Nobel Prize-winning physicist and teenage mother Amber Portwood "threw a fit" because she wasn't allowed to see her baby on Thanksgiving, because she is a bad mom. [Radar]