A Daily News report on squirrels being massacred by one woman's dogs has some people heated, and undercover Parks Enforcement officers are issuing tickets for unleashed dogs. Hopefully they'll start busting people for not picking up their dog's crap, too.

Earlier this month a woman was issued a $50 summons for letting her squirrel-killing dogs run around without a leash. Her pets allegedly tore several squirrels to shreds, and one witness told the Daily News that "even the chess guys and the drug dealers are outraged." And today the paper has more reactions, from people like Carole Cohen, a French citizen living in New York: "The squirrels] are so friendly compared to France. And they pose for pictures. You can't just come and kill them." Others seem upset that Parks Enforcement officers are wasting taxpayer money by stalking dog owners.

This is all very sad. But while they're at it, can't these undercover Parks Enforcement officers crack down on people who let their dogs shit everywhere without bothering to clean it up? A little stint in jail for letting some poodle crap all over the sidewalk would be nice.