Live With Regis and Kelly kicked off their week-long Vegas vacation by inviting a comedian whose job is to make fun of Regis Philbin on a weekly basis. The Soup's Joel McHale was today's guest and he did not disappoint.

After a warm welcome from both Regis and Kelly—and stories of gerbil-based personal hair care—the interview quickly turned into Joel making old jokes to Regis. Watch him zing Regis twice in under a minute:

Finally, conversation turns to his hosting gig on The Soup, which Regis donned "the easiest job in the world" and accused Joel of "using our mistakes to make a little name for yourself."


I think it's safe to say that those who frequently watch The Soup cringed when Regis said "I don't think you use much of my stuff, do ya?" For those of you keeping track—that's three old jokes that Joel threw Regis' way.