Courtney Love is creating a show called Rock Chicks, which she pitched on this week's Running Russell Simmons. She also discussed her deceased husband's sister's "white trash" name, photographed her mullet, and sang Rock N Roll N*gger.

In this whirlwind, servicey, cameo Courtney shows us how to sell a reality show. Here's her process in four easy pieces:

Step 1: Show Up Early and Talk About Your Past To Assistants As They Photograph You


Arriving an hour ahead of times shows you really mean business. And if you've ever had a super famous and beloved husband die be sure to talk about him at every turn.

Step 2: It's All About The Real Estate. And The Kids.

When beginning your pitch always lead with the cost of any real estate involved. Production design is of the highest importance and money is no object. She also gets really Spungen-y when she talks about mentoring, extra points for that.


Step 3: Show That You're Down Through Music

Anything with the n-word in it works, Courtney chose an under-appreciated 70s gem.

Step 4: Bring Out The Mood Boards

I never travel without mine! Boy the executives love them.