Anne Hathaway and James Franco are you 2011 Oscar hosts, Dr. Drew heads to HLN, Will Forte will return to 30 Rock as Jenna's tranny boyfriend, and Cartoon Network renews Adventure Time, MAD, and Regular Show.

The Walken Dead. Get it? [Culture Popped]

In TV News...

  • And the hosts of the 2011 Oscars will be ...Anne Hathaway and James Franco?! [Vulture]
  • Dr. Drew Pinsky is heading to Headline News for a show in which he'll dish out advice. [Variety]
  • Fifteen things about Bridalplasty that might make you want to die inside. [Pop Watch]
  • Inside The Actors Studio reportedly sent away record numbers of people trying to get a seat in the taping of the James Franco edition. [Yahoo]
  • More behind-the-scenes videos of Community's stop-motion episode! Man, there has been so much coverage of this it's almost spoiling my excitement for the episode! Almost. [Hulu]
  • Albie and Chris Manzo (sons of Real Housewives of New Jersey's Caroline "Thick as thieves" Manzo) have been given their own reality show. [TV Squad]
  • CBS has renewed The Young and The Restless for three more years, proving that soap operas will just not die. [TV Squad]
  • Will Forte will return as Jenna's tranny boyfriend in the Christmas episode of 30 Rock. [TV Squad]
  • Cartoon Network has renewed its Monday night series Regular Show, MAD, and Adventure Time. I can't get enough of Adventure Time, honestly. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • The Black Eyed Peas will officially play the Super Bowl. So that's happening. [Rolling Stone]

Around the Web...

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  • Splitsider's "I Survived Junior High Because of The Simpsons" made me think of my many friends who loved The Simpsons from the very beginning. [Splitsider]
  • For those of you who also read Hipster Runoff, here's the story of how Bebe Zeva became Carles' muse. Kind of. It's an interesting read either way. [Thought Catalog]
  • Why yes, Anne Hathaway and James Franco are an odd coupling for Oscar hosts—but here's a list of even weirder combination. [Vulture]
  • Why does Coors Light play a role in the revamp of Tron? [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Is boozed-up whipped cream the next Four Loko? I don't know, but I wish that I had some of this magical creation over Thanksgiving to go with the pie! [The Awl]
  • The folks that brought us the awesome Dexter silk screens have now released one for the final season of Lost. [Mattson Creative]
  • Meet the Brazilian drug lord who loves Justin Bieber. [Gawker]