Last night's episode of Dexter was seriously messed up. Like, make you listen to girls being raped, messed up. Today, we're going to go ahead and skip all that, and break down all of the action minus the rapey stuff.

As it turned out, Jordan Chase and his band of scary rapesmen had been videotaping their awful conquests (of course they were). 13 DVD's were found at Jordan Chase's bodyguard's house during a search. But with 12 women dead, Dexter knew that Lumen was the girl in the final DVD, so he sprung into action and quickly stole it before her identity was revealed. Here you can watch as he hand delivers it to her. This is easily my favorite part of this episode, where we watch as Julia Stiles tries her hardest to cry. She really is an awful actress.


In doing some research of their own, Lumen and Dexter tracked down Jordan Chase's original victim. Using the picture from Bizarro Camp Anawanna, the victim was able to identify all of the boys. You see, Chase was the fatty in the picture. How implausible, right? And that fifth, unknown guy? He was going to be next to meet Dexter's blade now. Before their preparatory visit to their newest victims home, Dexter needed to lay down some ground rules.

Shit! I always forget about that guy. I bet he doesn't make it even halfway through next episode. At least I hope he doesn't. He really just irks me

The biggest breakthrough of the episode though, was that Dexter let Lumen take the knife for this murder. Here is the "Aw shit, son..." moment of last night.


Apparently, after the rush of the kill Lumen either needed a release or realized that she had some feelings for Dex. Either way, the two totally boned and are now in quite possibly the oddest TV relationship since Bobby and Whitney.

Next week's episode is the season finale, so get ready for some serious killing folks. I can't wait.