Hating Sarah Palin is a personal hobby of mine. But there are lines even I won't cross! GWAR—shock rockers who dress like Transformers at a swingers sex club—recently "went there" by disemboweling Sarah Palin in effigy on stage.

Celebrity executions are part of GWAR's teen-boy-baiting routine, so this stunt is actually pretty normal for them. (Here's a video of GWAR destroying Lady Gaga by "ripping her tits off.") But guys, no! You do not need to toss Sarah Palin's entrails through the air to demonstrate that you do not like her!

[There was a video here]

I mean, I get it, GWAR—it's your job to keep the disaffected youths' testosterone pumping. But remember, visceral hatred need not necessitate actual evisceration. Field dressing is something you do to a moose, not a lady! Besides, Palin: The Musical already exists as a subplot to Obama: The Musical, and it was much catchier than this.

Conclusion: You can imagine disemboweling Sarah Palin in your head, but please avoid pantomiming it onstage in front of a screaming crowd. You don't want to give the Tea Partiers any worse ideas than the ones they already have, do you? Because if they win, Sarah Palin will be president, and then the above stunt will cause the Secret Service to come knocking on your door. [Best Week Ever, The Daily What]