In August 2008, William Vasilakos was arrested for disturbing the peace. His phone was confiscated. When he got it back, Vasilakos noticed that some sex videos he'd taken had been forwarded to an unknown number. Whose number? His arresting officer's.

As though you needed another reason not to take sexy cellphone videos of yourself! Vasilakos is alleging that Officer Michael Presti, who arrested Vasilakos in Stamford, Connecticut, never turned the phone over to the police department, and instead sent videos of Vasilakos having sex with his (Vasilakos's) girlfriend to his (Presti's) own phone—and "at least one other person."

Presti was apparently disciplined by the police department and wouldn't comment. Vasilakos is suing the officer. Says his lawyer: "They were deeply in love and they had memorialized that love in a way that they thought was appropriate, and the officer treated them like a couple of porn stars."

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