The last episode of Gossip Girl ended badly for Serena Van Der Woodsen. This week begins poorly for Serena as she wakes up drugged in a sleazy Queens motel. And, if urban legends are true, her kidneys are probably gone.

Her family and friends have no idea of her whereabouts.


Deceit and mistrust leads Lily to admit her daughter into the Ostroff Center. This upsets Serena very much. Serena maintains the prior evening was neither a cry for help nor an attempt of self-inflicted injury. However, Serena cannot remember anything that happened last night.

Maybe Jenny Humphrey and her guilty conscience can explain things. Unless, that is, Vanessa gets there first and lies.

Dan and Serena escaped! They probably don't go to Dan's apartment because that is the first place everybody would look for them. Oh, they do go to the apartment? And everybody finds them there? These kids need to go to fugitive school.


Jenny's guilty conscience still weighs heavy. That coupled with Juliet becoming very unstable take Jenny to Blair for a confession.

What will Blair do with this knowledge? Who can she trust?

Next week: Blair and Humphrey: Slow justice is XOXO justice.

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