Nope. Probably not. The promo for the third show networks stole from England's like, three channels has arrived! The only thing this one has going for it over the others, so far, is that kid from Jungle 2 Jungle.

Mimi-Siku was a borderline feral child, which is great acting experience when you're playing a werewolf. No?

Anyway, looks like SyFy is going in the same direction as both Showtime and MTV with this one. See this original promo for the BBC's Being Human from a few years ago:

No originality, just a pretty sound remake of a show that's a) still on the air (and on BBC America, at that) and b) fine where it is. And, not that it matters, but the BBC version wasn't all that great to begin with. I could barely make it through one season. But then again I'm not exactly a Vampire/Werewolf kinda girl. So Twihards and True Blood fiends, have at it. Something tells me you're going to like this one.

[via SyFy]

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