You know those Taiwanese animations that everyone loves? Last week, Conan aired their own version of the animations (about yogurt.) Two days later, the team of rapid-fire Taiwanese animators fired back with an angry response of their own. Game on!

Here's the clip from last night's show, which shows the original clip, the Conan knock-off version, and their latest counter-response.

Here's the full video and text of the response in its entirety:

Conan O'Brien is using cheap, knock-off 'Taiwanese animation' on his new TBS show.

News consumers of Taiwanese animation should not be fooled. Conan relies on a press gang of American child labor to make his animated works. lawyers have filed paperwork to seize Conan's blimp as payment for the IPR violations. We will also accept as payment Andy Richter, who would make a nice addition to the Taipei Zoo.

So who wins? It seems like the TWA animators will, as they have a crew of 300 men who animate around-the-clock, while the Conan staff has one dude—and it took him six weeks to complete the first video.